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Startups and companies that are getting started typically struggle to find the best approach to find clients and opportunities. Once they start closing deals and bringing new clients the next step should be to grow to new regions and increase the amount of opportunities.


Our core business at Onit Center is to help companies find clients in new markets. We base our strategy in three main pillars/sales growth, profitability and partnerships. Enter a new market, gain market share, establish a branch and grow. Hands-on approach to lower barriers to entry and bring great business opportunities to companies.



Hands-on approach on Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Outbound and Inbound Calling and Customer Support



Exclusive: our sales agent will negotiate and close deals for specific client.

Advisory: our manager will help coordinate client's local sales team



Find, Source and Interview candidates to work with companies around the world based on preference and needs.

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Enhance companies' online presence by offering Web/Mobile Development and UI/UX Solutions.

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Feasibility Study: complete study to understand viable options to enter new markets.

Go to Market Strategy: stay focused on specific markets with go to market solutions