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Being sustainable helps companies to become more efficient, innovative, strengthening stakeholder relations, improve brand reputation and most importantly: cause a positive impact in the planet.

Onit Center can assist your business with different Sustainability programs based on your current needs and future goals. 



Helping leaders to understand the various factors involved in the sustainable transition, to help them make the right choices to incorporate and execute sustainable corporate goals.

Carbon neutrality

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Identify sources of carbon and other GHG emissions in companies and suggest ways to reduce, along with energy efficiency (reduce, re-use, re-cycle). Impact assessment professionals can guide organizations through this activity

Climate Risk Assessment


An area of increasing interest, for example to the security and intelligence communities, is the strategic threats posed by aspects of climate change. National governments and international organizations must anticipate and prepare for future challenges, so must the private, public and NFP sectors.


ESG Report

Assist companies to measure, monitor and analyse their Sustainability Performance across the range of environmental, social and governance measures.



Training, Coaching and Mentoring. Once an organization has committed to a more sustainable approach, staff need both the skills and the commitment to implement this strategy and transition to a more sustainable approach.

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